Thursday, November 8, 2007

How is the average Joe suppose to make it !!

Let me just start out by saying one thing; I loved growing up in Michigan. It was, in my mind the most exciting place to live in this country and I've been to all the states. I am and avid fisherman and hunter so needless to say, Michigan was the perfect place for a guy like me to live. I never wanted to leave and I mean ever! What more could a guy like me ask for? Lake's, rivers and woods are abundant. One can hunt, fish, ski, snowmobile, water ski, swim, hike, bike and the list goes on and on. All these activities fueled the idea for another of my websites. If you would like you can visit my site at Let me know what you think! Now I know that these things aren't everyone's "cup of tea" but for me it only made sense to go to school, get a good job, meet "the girl", start a family and live the rest of my life in the state I love. What happened you ask? Reality set in!!! Michigan sucks so bad it's like we are the ugly duckling of the United States. This state is like that kid whose parents are embarrassed of him and keep him locked in the basement. There might as well be a diaper at the bottom of the mitten! Sure we have some good things like what I previously stated and we also have some of the best sports teams in the land. GO RED WINGS!!! Unfortunately the sad truth is that though I love this state, it does not love me back! I am a good honest American. I have a decent job, I pay my taxes, I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful girls and yet I struggle to stay afloat every day of my life. Every time we turn around there is another reason to hate Michigan. Tax increases, job cuts, health care cuts, cuts cuts cuts! You know what? We are tired of the cuts!! I didn't do anything to make the state come up short 1.75 billion dollars, did you? Of coarse you didn't and why? Because we just live here under the rule of incompetence.(Grandholm!) Though it is not all her fault, we did elect and re-elect her. Nice going all of YOU!! What I want to know is when am I going to be "BLOWN AWAY" like I was told, along with the rest of you. Come to think of it, the Governor was right. I am blown away! I am so blown away that no matter how hard I work this state drains me of more and more until all that is left is debt. I am a finish carpenter by trade and up until two years ago I had all the side work I could want. Because of the blatant disregard for its citizens no one wants to live in Michigan anymore so in turn the housing market is crap which means no carpentry work. Now all I have to fall back on is my 9-5 which, like I said before, is a very good job but with my wife staying home with the kids it just doesn't cut it. When is our government going to wake up? Unfortunately my guess, and that of many others, would be not anytime soon. At this rate why don't we just set a date, invite anybody that wants to be heard, fill the Big House and let our government officials here what we want for our state. Could that really be better than what we have now? Why not? Obviously Michigan is not working for its people. They all say that they are and its ridiculous! I heard on the radio today that in order to afford a two bedroom apartment in my county(Livingston) one has to make sixteen-seventeen dollars an hour or $33,000-35,000 a year. Well, I fall way short of that and the sad truth of the matter is that anyone you talked to would say that people would love to have the job I do. It is a good job. Once again though, it does not cut it. I have lived in this county my whole life. Now I obviously cannot afford to. You might say, "go find another job!" That should be the all time greatest joke for Michigan. There are no jobs! Believe me, I've looked. Who knows, maybe this state will turn around someday. Until then the rest of us will just starve and pay our taxes that help no one! Thanks Michigan! And than you Governor Granholm! We are glad to see that Michigan's citizens come first.