Saturday, March 15, 2008

Detroit Mayor Drop's The N-word Bomb In State Of The City Address!

Yet another display of what is the "cancer" of our great state of Michigan! Kwame Kilpatrick(The crooked mayor of Detroit), in his state of the city address goes on a tirade and even drops the buried N-word like he is untouchable by anyone. Now I am not a black man so I cannot comment on the severity of saying this word on live television. However, my opinion of his decision to use this word and his attack on the citizens, city council and the media was noting more than a desperate attempt to deflect the blame of all this controversy from himself to anywhere else he could think of at the moment. Having said that, I believe it was all planned no matter what the media is saying. The Mayor knew that saying that word on local television would no doubt receive national attention. Here is a clip of what was said, the juicy parts at least.